Review- “Mourning Song/Morning Song”- We Are The City

reviewed by Michael

Mourning Song/Morning Song is very much a tease, but it’s one that makes me more than ever want to hear what their eventual second LP will sound like.

We Are The City have established a reputation of being somewhat unpredictable with their sounds. Their debut In A Quiet World was thematic and sweeping, while High School showed that the band was willing to experiment with tropical-sounding songs like “Dark/Warm Air” and West African-inspired guitar licks on songs like “Happy New Year.”

This time the Kelowna Trio takes on juxtaposition with “Mourning Song” which touches on death and sadness and “Morning Song” which deals with the discovery of a beautiful place.

“Mourning Song” manages to have a good balance of music that isn’t in itself inherently depressing, leaving the meaning of the song to the lyrics. The song starts with a piano riff and a few hits of distortion. Midway through vocalist Cayne McKenzie says “I’m driving at 3 a.m. to sleep on a couch.” The song also has some interspersed guitar riffs and ends as if the whole song was a message on an answering machine with a beep. 

Meanwhile “Morning Song” starts out with a thundering riff of piano and guitar accompanied by drums before the instruments quiet for a few seconds as McKenzie sings the song’s first few lines. The silence is another nice experimental touch. The song reaches a bit of a crescendo as it reaches the end before gently fading.

The 7″ release can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp and from there you can also order the vinyl- but be quick as there are limited copies available.

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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