Review- “WHOOP-ssette”- WHOOP-Szo

reviewed by Michael

While it’s very clear that vinyl is back in the industry as a viable music medium, Guelph band WHOOP-Szo are reviving another medium- the cassette tape. WHOOP-ssette is released as both a digital download and onto 111 special coloured cassette tapes. It was also recorded live in Toronto at Rancho Relaxo.

The sound of this band seems to have changed a bit since 2009’s What I Dream is Where I Live. The songs are generally longer, more experimental and more psychedelic. It makes for some very interesting, if not challenging, listening.

Good luck on trying to discern what the songs will sound like. The five (or six) songs on the EP are called “Boozhoo”; “Myeengun + Whale Song” (which can be counted as two songs); “Consumer Slut Gear”; “Weather Cums” and “23E.”

The closest any of the songs come to making a statement is most certainly in “Consumer Slut Gear.” Lead vocalist Adam Sturgeon makes a bunch of rant-style assertions which eventually lead up to repetition of “Swim for the ice caps, swim for your life.” The song is also much shorter (almost three minutes) and edgier.

The rest of the tracks fall somewhere between six minutes and nine minutes long, featuring fuzzy and distorted instruments and the occasional electric guitar notes like in the opener “Boozhoo.”

“Weather Cums” is probably a highlight of the recording, with both guy and girl vocals and a slightly more structured sense of melody. It sounds more like something from the previous EP.

WHOOP-Szo continue to be an interesting band to listen to and watch progress. They’re most certainly unique, and their brand of weirdness is definitely a treat.

Stream/buy the album over at WHOOP-Szo’s Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Weather Cums”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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