Review- “Summer EP”- Kuato

reviewed by Michael

It only makes sense that the follow-up to instrumental post-rock band Kauto’s Winter EP would be the Summer EP.

This EP is also three songs, though it’s about ten minutes shorter than the previous 30-minute EP. And there are still awesome song titles: “Iraqnophobia”; “Afghanistan Rogers” and “Frances the Mutant.”

The shorter songs of the Summer EP are just as potent as their predecessor. Though Kuato uses the standard bass, guitar and drums, the melodies they craft are very unique and fascinating to watch unfold.

The first song is the seven-minute “Iraqnophobia” which could very well be two songs due to a melody change halfway through. The first half of the song starts with sparse and distorted guitar riffs, which then adds drums. The song is fairly high energy, and then the guitar riffs change in the second half. You’ll likely double-check to make sure you’re still listening to the same song.

“Afghanistan Rogers” was my favourite of the three, mainly for its fuzzy-sounding guitar riffs and its military-sounding drums.

Finally there’s “Frances the Mutant” which is a solid seven minutes of upbeat craziness, with too many guitar solos to count.

Kuato have proved once again that post-rock is their thing. It’s surprising that their atmospheric instrumental sound hasn’t been included in cinema or TV yet. But it may end up being included in a remake of Totall Recall- check out that tidbit here.

The Summer EP is available for purchase today via Acadian Embassy.

Top Tracks: “Afghanistan Rogers”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really good)

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