Check out the Bloodstains Across Ontario 7″

by Michael

Alberta-based Mammoth Recordings had a great idea not too long ago. Why not get a bunch of musicians to write one-minute songs about the place they live in? Musicians dug the idea, and their first two “albums,” Bloodstains Across Alberta and Bloodstains Across BC were born. And people could not get enough of them.

Now they’re releasing a third set in their series- Bloodstains Across Ontario. It’s got a whole slew of tracks, and the biggest draw here is an unreleased track by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet.

But the big thing here is that these songs are all barely longer than a minute. If you don’t think that’s enough time to potentially melt you face off then you’ve got another thing coming.


  • Strange Attractor- Nickeldale
  • The Steve Adamyk Band- Ontario
  • White Wires- Ontario Life
  • First Base- Chemical Valley
  • Peach Kelli Pop- Panchito Blues
  • The Dagger Eyes- Sick
  • Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet- Foreign/Aft
  • Tropics- TORON
  • Young Governor- I Wanna Girl From Wawa
  • Slim Twig- Vile City
  • Tonetta 777- City Joke
  • False Face- We Will Build
  • B.A. Johnston- Sesame Streetfight

Click here for track previews and info on buying this awesome compilation.

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