Review- “Lost Art”- The Details

reviewed by Michael

While the term “indie” has been known to have many different meanings, it really does apply to this sophomore album from Winnipeg’s The Details. The band had the chance for their latest album to be produced by legendary producer Kim Fowley but turned him down. They would have been flown out to California; instead they stayed at home and were produced by Brandon Reid (the engineer of The National) and Stephan Carroll (guitarist for The Weakerthans).

The band took three years to make Lost Art and it’s obvious from the songs that a lot of work was put in to make a clean-sounding record.  The result is eleven songs with a pleasant pop-rock sound that will charm you with its subtlety.

Opener “Satellites” does well as an intro, a simple one-and-a-half minute song backed by a piano and guitar which eventually leads into “Vulture Mechanics.” The song begins with the ominous lyrics “I’m watching you turn into someone you’re not supposed to be.” The song continues to include an awesome guitar solo.

It quickly becomes apparent that The Details aren’t out to rock your world. Instead, they are here to sooth you, and it’s this low-key aspect to their music (particularly the main vocals) that makes it so enjoyable.

Soothing as the music may be, there’s definitely an air of sadness about the album. “Landscapes,” for instance, is supported by mainly a guitar riff and lightly-tapped drums. Lead singer Jon Plett sings “There’s no future yet.”

“Weightless in the Dark” is definitely worth a mention as the band’s sing. Lyrically, it’s a fantastic tune with a solid bass backing and good guitar diversity. The band reaches its pinnacle in “Paperweights” which is played with only an acoustic guitar and incorporates vocal harmonies (something the band should use a lot more, as they’re fantastic).

Lost Art is a solid sophomore effort and could easily be listened to on repeat several times without being boring. You can find details on where to get this album by visiting the band’s website.

Top Tracks: “The Original Mark”; “Paperweights”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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