Review- “Love Meets Rage”- Code Pie

reviewed by Michael

I’m not sure what makes this album from Montreal sextet Code Pie so intensely listenable. Maybe it’s that you’re more likely to hear bongos than regular drums. Maybe it’s the insane amount of horns. Either way, this album is aurally stunning.

Musically, Love Meets Rage is very dense. In many albums it’s very easy to focus one’s mind on one of the instruments and marvel at how awesome they are. Not here. This can partly be attributed to the fact that the band has six members. It’s also because the instruments mesh so well together and create their own unique sound.

Even the intro song has a chance of blowing you away. “Wildwood” is carried by a vibrating guitar line with male vocals at the forefront and female vocals backing. It’s a very dreamy song, just as Love Meets Rage is a very dreamy album.

It gets even more dreamy as it moves onto the next song “Morning After.” It’s this time a synth note that provides the backbone of the song, and the only other discernible instruments are a bongo and a tambourine. It reminded me of a very, very, very, very chilled-out Elephant Stone kind of song. I should also mention that this song, like many others, has a sweet horn solo.

A lot of the time the album sounds very tropical. Had this album been released maybe a month later I would have called this one of the perfect summer albums. But hopefully people will realize its greatness in songs like “Operator” which has just the right amount of hooks and horns to be a perfect song to play on the radio. “Heart Spit” is also a great tropical-sounding song.

“Muddy Shoes” is probably the closest I’ve come to hearing a perfect (by my standards) song. It’s a shade under three minutes, has plenty of horns and has group vocals. It’s also really crazy- probably an awesome song to see performed live.

Code Pie deserve to have a huge following just based on their musical talent. Considering these songs are the result of jam sessions, this band has an immense talent. Oh, and did I mention the band also does a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”?

You can listen to or buy Love and Rage at Code Pie’s Bandcamp page.

Top Tracks: “Operator”; “Heart Spit”; “Muddy Shoes”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*


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