Review – “Eulogy of Her and Her and Her” – Grey Kingdom

reviewed by Laura Stanley

If you’re a fan of the exceptional folk/rock/punk band Attack in Black, you already know the talents of their bassist Spencer Burton aka Grey Kingdom.

Contributing vocals to many Attack in Black songs throughout their three incredible albums, Burton, earlier this year, released his full-length folk solo album, Eulogy of Her and Her and Her. 

Beginning with the brilliant and fuller sounding,“Woman of Bad Weather,” Burton lets his intricate guitar picking and sweet voice take you on an adventure from beginning to end of the album.

For fans of fellow Attack in Black member Daniel Romano’s various side-projects, Burton, like Romano, mixes story-like lyrics of old and creates a complexity in an otherwise basic musical styling.

Although all of the ten songs are under the three and a half minute mark, Burton conveys feelings of loss and dispar in great length, using the saddening tone of the backing instruments to his advantage.

Beginning the song with the telling line, “You called me a liar,” the saddening echo of Burton’s voice in “Love is Fast,” creates one of the strongest, both lyrically and musically, songs from the album.

Through its intricacies and vivid lyrics, “Oh Bijou and The Rainwater” is reminiscent of the stunning folk songs from Attack in Black’s tranquil first album, The Curve of The Earth. 

“Little Thing” ends Eulogy of Her and Her and Her on a quiet and, fittingly, mournful tone. With audible background creaks and a delicately played piano, the backing guitar is quickly overpowered as Burton repeats the line, “Don’t go.”

Check out this beautiful Wood & Wires video of Grey Kingdom – 

Top Tracks: “Woman of Bad Weather,” “Oh Bijou and The Rainwater,” “Love is Fast”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really good) + *Swoop*


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