Review- “Reverie”- Epigram

reviewed by Michael

“Reverie” can be defined as absent-minded dreaming while awake. If Toronto instrumental band Epigram’s album cover doesn’t give enough of a hint, their album is full of haunting and ghostly melodies that really make one feel as if they’re in a dream.

For Reverie, the band’s second album, they expanded their use of instruments beyond just a basic guitar, bass and drums. They add a variety of new instruments such as piano and glockenspiel, among others. These new instruments contribute to the full sound that this band now produces on their songs.

If there’s one thing Epigram is great at it’s the crescendo. Most of the nine songs on the album build up slowly and end with a huge sound from multiple instruments. The album opener “I’m Sorry, I’m Lost” is a great example of this. It is a song that is both happy and sad all at once and ends with a bang before heading over to one of the album’s two seven-minute songs “RIOT.”

True to its name, “RIOT” becomes quite chaotic as it approaches the six-minute mark. Yet at the same time there’s a great degree of control. The best part of this song is the fantastic bass line that supports it.

The band also stays true to the album name with song titles that also seem to come out of a dream. Some are obvious references to dreaming and the like, such as the crashing song “Waiting to Wake Up.” Others are more subtle, such as the two interludes called “The Narrator” and “The Spectator” respectively.

The songs also flow very smoothly into one another. This helps to build the dream-like tapestry that I have no doubt the band was trying to build.

The album comes to an end with the other seven-minute song, “Never Was and Never Will Be.” As per usual, the song starts out softly but really starts to pack a punch around the fifth minute or so.

This album showcases a great amount of professional control and vividly creates the feeling of being inside a glorious daydream. This music would probably be a great in a psychological thriller or maybe a drama. Either way, it’s a very pleasurable listen.

You can listen to and/or buy the album over at Epigram’s Bandcamp Page.

Top Tracks: “I’m Sorry, I’m Lost”; “Waiting to Wake Up”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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