Review- “Play”- Roxanne Potvin

reviewed by Michael

If there’s anything one can learn from singer-songwriter Roxanne Potvin it’s that she’s got the ability to make almost any genre of music very enjoyable.

The biggest strength of this album comes from Potvin’s vocal talent. It’s one thing to play a variety of songs on your album, but Potvin adapts her vocal style to suit the music that accompanies here. She takes on a rock drone on “Let Me Go” but can easily make her vocals haunting and ethereal on songs like “Coral Reef Fishes” and “Seashells.”

As well, Potvin shows an ability to effortlessly switch between English and French. It seems like this songwriter knows exactly what she wants to do, and she’s got the tools to do it.

On the opening track “Barricades” the sound is one of pop-rock but it has a defiant edge that you’d completely miss if you aren’t listening to the lyrics. It’s this sort of cleverness that makes the song so listenable.

“Coral Reef Fishes” is a very relaxed song and Potvin’s vocals make it the way it is. One almost thinks of the ocean while listening to the song, especially due to the story told by the lyrics. It details a man who dives naked into the water and keeps swimming until his lungs burn with each breath.

“Dis-moi Que tu M’aimes” is (obviously) one of the album’s French songs and is a crazy organ-filled piece that will have you grooving along.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Potvin does a cover of “I’m Too Sexy.” Yes, the song by Right Said Fred. The song is covered with an electric guitar and drums, completely changing the tone of the song and making it sound even more sly and sensual.

Put simply, Roxanne Potvin possesses everything needed for a great singer-songwriter. And the aptly-titled Play is the proof.

Top Tracks: “Let Me Go”; “Coral Reef Fishes”; “Seashells”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*

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