Review – “Calling It Quits” – Frederick Squire & Katherine Maki

Reviewed by Laura Stanley

Frederick Squire’s beautiful and rough voice is wonderfully captured on his album, released last year, March 12. (Read my review for March 12 here:

Squire continues his beautiful music making, teaming up with Katherine Maki and releasing a 7″ that, despite only being two songs, sure speaks volumes.

The two songs, “Calling It Quits” and “Crazy Tropical Survival Guide,” provide a similar simplicity and folk-country style also found on Squire’s March 12 while a clear heartbreaking sense of loss is described.

“Calling It Quits” stunningly captures moments of heartache and loss in both the lives of Squire and Maki. Exchanging verses, Squire tells of a drinking binge with an “expensive bottle of wine” after a break up while Maki paints the beautiful picture of herself re-reading letters never sent to a lover.

Complete with a Neil Young style harmonica solo and rich sounding guitar picking, the line, “Forever feels so long when you’re alone” echos in your mind long after both the song and the 7″ of Calling It Quits ends.

“Crazy Tropical Survival Guide” reveals a seemingly effortless blend of Squire’s and Maki’s voices accompanied by the same beautifully quiet background guitar picking.

On of the more haunting lyrics from the very eloquently written, “Crazy Tropical Survival Guide” says, “I’m a happy man on the stage,” certainly reveals something about Squire.

The new album by Frederick Squire, Frederick Squire Sings Shenandoah and Other Popular Hits, is set to be released May 24 while a new album by Kate Maki, Moonshine, is also set to be released in May.

Top Tracks: Both!

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) + *swoop*

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