Review- “…the dogs bark at echoes.”- Mike Procyshyn

reviewed by Michael

With such a strange album title I was expecting a very weird solo debut from Mike Procyshyn. It’s actually pretty accessible in both tune and theme.

Procyshyn sings with a country twang to his voice although his songs aren’t exactly country, more straddling the line between folk, country and rock. There is an emphasis on guitar above other instruments.

Generally the guitar chords are simple and pleasant, which is the vibe I believe Procyshyn wanted for this offering which is somewhere between an album and an EP.

The themes of the song are pretty easy to grasp; “Eleanor” seems to describe a brief love affair and the narrator hopes that she didn’t love him just because of the effects of alcohol; “If He Don’t Come Back (Let’s Elope)” speaks for itself.

Procyshyn changes it up with “I Won’t Sleep” which comes across almost as a piano ballad. In it, Procyshyn sings the brilliant line “I won’t sleep until electric sheep dream.”

“That Was No Airplane” is also a pleasant song to hear that has group vocals, adding an extra layer to Procyshyn’s own vocals.

It’s a straightforward listen that’s pleasant to the ear and would be even better if Procyshyn experimented a little more.

…the dogs bark at echoes will be available on April 30th.

Top Tracks: “S.O.S.”; “That Was No Airplane”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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