Review- “Transistor Sister”- Shotgun Jimmie

reviewed by Michael

While this album by Shotgun Jimmie may seem like a lot at a staggering sixteen tracks, it’ll be over before you know it. And then you’ll be playing it over again.

Shotgun Jimmie (or Jimmie Kilpatrick) has been around for a while already and his music feels right at home on You’ve Changed Records, home to Daniel Romano, Baby Eagle and Richard Laviolette. Shotgun Jimmie is also supported by Jay Baird of Feist’s backing band and Ryan Peters of Lightning Dust as well as Ladyhawk. The three make for a killer combination.

The best thing about this album is that it packs a lot of punch with very short song lengths. Most songs are in the 1.5-3 minute range with a few exceptions.

Musically, Shotgun Jimmie rocks. There is an abundance of guitar solos, pounding drums and heavy bass. The guitar sets many different moods, from head-banging to swaying.

Though the songs are short there is still plenty of meaning to them. “Suzy” is a great song about a love that occurred in ninth grade, while “The Haze” wonders why “I always mess up the easy stuff,” a sentiment most of us will feel at one point or another (Fred Squire makes an instrumental guest appearance here too).

“Too Many Flowers” is a very descriptive song (also about love) that could come off as really, really corny. But Kilpatrick manages to make it sound perfectly acceptable.

“Masterpiece” is a poignant piece of music that is about the art of songwriting, and how no one’s song is that much better than anybody else’s.

The album also has several “tracks” which are barely tracks at all- five of these tracks are under a minute long. Most are just brief instrumentals, (one is a recording of a stairwell at the Confidence Lodge). However one, “Paper Planes” sounds like it could be a full song. It fades out, which made me wish it was a little longer.

This album, as I’ve mentioned, quite simply rocks. It has all the elements of a great album in its short song lengths, awesome instrumentals and meaningful songs.

Top Tracks: “Suzy”; “Masterpiece”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*

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