Review- “Eureka”- Mother Mother

reviewed by Michael

Mother Mother are back and pack as much of a punch on their new album as ever before. Be prepared to groove in your seat- this band knows how to write catchy songs.

The songs were all written by lead vocalist and guitar player Ryan Guldemond, and the rest of the band members make this album near-perfect.

Right from the beginning the listener should already be bobbing their head. “Chasing It Down” will quickly reel you in as Guldemond (as well as Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin, whose high-pitched vocals blend perfectly with Ryan’s) sings “Try chasing it down/It don’t wanna be found.”

That song isn’t alone in the catchy department. What makes the songs on Eureka so listenable is the fact that Ryan doesn’t seem to like basic song structure- many songs feature random melodic changes. Not to say that the playing around with structure is chaotic- rather, it’ll keep you on the hook for the entire length of the album.

The band’s first single, “The Stand” was rightfully chosen- it’s just plain strange as Molly and Parkin accost Ryan with questions, asking him about his weakness (vodka on ice) and his fears (everyone here and all of their peers). The song is essentially a huge song of loathing that sounds really happy and upbeat.

Not every song is poppy and upbeat though- “Born in a Flash” is a much more sombre song about photographs as “portraits of the past.” The song ends with the sound of a camera flash, a perfect ending.

You can hear a great example of Ryan’s songwriting in the song “Aspiring Fires” where Ryan sings “You want to see me crazy/I’ll show you what that’s like then/Then I’ll wave goodbye as you run for your life.”

The album comes to a close with the aptly-titled “Calm Me Down.” And as you might expect, the whole song is not calm.

Mother Mother are definitely going to be around for a long time if they keep releasing  such awesomeness as Eureka.

Top Tracks: “The Stand”; “Calm Me Down”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*

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