Review – “The Last Of Our Mountains” – Mike Edel

Reviewed by Laura Stanley

Across the West Coast, to a bottom floor apartment, and some heart breaking love songs in between, Mike Edel has released his first full length album and it’s a must hear.

Originally from Linden, Alberta, Edel is now living in Victoria, British Columbia and joins the ranks of the amazing musicians coming out of B.C. as of late.

Despite only being eight songs, The Last Of Our Mountains is a strong and incredibly catchy album, combining great songwriting, with a folk-pop sound.

Producer Winston Hauschild, known for producing other B.C. stars such as Hannah Georgas and Hey Ocean, helped make this incredibly mature, especially for a debut, sounding album. On top of this mature sound, the album expresses the love for the diverse and rugged landscape that Edel has spent his life surrounded by.

Songs like, “You Sent Me Two Letters” and “In Those Shoes,” have a warm and upbeat sound with a very radio friendly tone to them while one of the standout tracks, “I’m Moving On,” shows the depth and potential of this singer-songwriter.

“I find there’s something about the golden prairies that whisper to me when wintering gets dreary,” is a line from the album closer, “The Country Where I Came From.”

This song not only is a wonderful homage to home, wherever that may be, but uses the simplicity of a banjo and hand claps to perfection.

If this is just the beginning of Mike Edel’s career, I can’t wait to hear more!

Top Tracks: “Bottom Floor Apartment,” “I’m Moving On,” “The Country Where I Came From.”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*

Tour Dates: Mike Edel is currently on a Canadian West Coast, winter tour. You can check out all the dates here:


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