Review- “Co-Stars”- Jay Crocker

reviewed by Michael

Looking at this album title, one might think it was a lame disc full of cheesy duets from old and forgotten pop stars. Thankfully, it’s not.

Instead, it is an impressive album from one of the masters of analogue production, Jay Crocker. Crocker is himself a member of Ghostkeeper and helped produce Deadhorse’s stunning debut album earlier in the month.

On his own, Crocker is very enjoyable too. His music on this album is not possible to categorize. At times, it echoes the hazy rock of Black Mountain and others it brings up the static-y weirdness of Chad VanGaalen.

You’ll never know exactly what you’re getting from this album. “Super Disease” starts off with tinny drums and  a few electric guitar chords, but it shifts in melody and tempo several times throughout.

“Della Be Della” is the following track which is much softer and sounds like a mixture of bells and xylophones.

Crocker takes a turn for the weird in his songs “Squid Tits” and “Porno is a Mustang” (as if both aren’t already strange enough from their track titles). The songs are full of static and who knows what else, making for some very interesting yet perplexing listening.

By the time he gets to “I’ve Just Destroyed the World” Crocker seems to slow down a little and be softer. This was a good choice on his part since the sonic journey one will take on this album will be a hazy and unpredictable one.

Top Tracks: “Della Be Della”; “Brain Freeze”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*

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