Review- “Let’s All March Back Into the Sea”- The Liptonians

reviewed by Michael

Considering the amount of craziness that occurs over this new album from the Liptonians, I would not be surprised if the band does actually march back into the sea.

This is the second album from the Winnipeg band and after one listen one will likely have a hard time pegging down a sound, other than “kinda hectic.” You could call this album pop although it has experimental edges and a hell of a lot of horns.

What makes this album so hectic is that the band manages to have songs that are highly experimental and songs that are calm and controlled. And both types of songs are highly interesting in their own way.

Their experimental edge is mainly heard in their use of horns, and we all know that blaring horns means craziness is going to go down. Their softer edge is heard in songs like “Ghosts in My Garden” and the album closer, “March Back Into the Sea,” which is accompanied by a simple piano.

The best part of the album is how everything manages to stay fresh. No two songs sound exactly the same and a wide variety of instruments are used, including the voices of these very talented men.

Overall a great listening experience, one that can have you swaying and singing at the top of your lungs over the course of the same album.

Top Tracks: “Growing Old in the City”; “Ghosts in my Garden”; “Roller Coaster”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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