Best of Parliament’s Choice 2010

Since there aren’t a heck of a lot of December album releases there won’t actually be a Parliament’s Choice pick for December. This post will help to alleviate this by posting the greatest answers we’ve gotten to each of our Grayowl Questionnaire’s 15 questions. All of the original Questionnaires can be found under our “Beyond the Hoots” section.

1) Where’d you get your name?

My parents gave birth to a healthy baby boy in October of 1986. (I did have an weirdly turned-in foot, though. Even to this day, my left leg is longer than the other.) Unmarried, but definitely full of art and West Coast positivity, they decided on the name. People ask me if my name is a “stage name” quite often: Thanks Ma and Pa! (Aidan Knight, March 2010)

2) When did you start making music seriously?

When I was fourteen I wrote songs to impress girls. I took that quite seriously. (Jay Sparrow, November 2010)

3) What are you listening to right now?

Krishna Das – Breath of the Heart. Wake up music in St. John’s – along with a dove named Charlie. In the 40 hour car ride from Ottawa, we listened to Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Pink Floyd and CBC radio. (Wilderness of Manitoba, July 2010)

4) What are some of your musical guilty pleasures?

Playing the synth.  Watching each other play the synth. (Hollerado, April 2010)

5) Describe your music in one sentence.

Short = Indie folk-pop, Iron & Wine-esque.

Little longer = Sounds like a log cabin deep in the woods, with a lake out back filled to the brim with horns, strings, and other odd instruments, enough time to learn them all, and a 4-track to record the resulting sounds. (The Mountains and the Trees, August 2010)

6) Where do you see yourself in six months?

I will likely still only be able to see myself in the mirror or in pictures/videos in six months. I don’t think technology is moving at a rapid enough pace to see myself any other way. (Winter Gloves, September 2010)

7) What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight is hearing positive feedback from music-lovers and fellow musicians. I’ve always counted on friends and family for support, but when encouraging messages come from outside my immediate community, it shifts my perspective to imagine a bigger picture, and essentially imagine a career. Also, when artists and musicians I personally admire are saying good things about the music, it truly blows me away. (Gianna Lauren, October 2010)

8) What is the most unusual compliment/insult you’ve received as a musician?

(There are so many great ones)

I think that the most unusual comment is one that has just happened. We were playing in a city that I probably shouldn’t give the name of, at a venue that should also remain disclosed. The promoter was at the show and after we played and were packing up she went up to Andy with this to say: “You know, ******* is a funny town. We usually do pretty well at shows, but tonight was a weird one. There were a lot of people here but I don’t know if any of them liked it.” (We Are The City, February 2010)

Actually, I just got a new one in Toronto. “You thound like ah, singer froome ah U.. 2..? Boh No” She was Spanish. (Aidan Knight, March 2010)

Being told to “naked yourself” in Chengdu, China. (Hollerado, April 2010)

There was this cowboy once who said he loved the band, but wanted to bring some ideas. He wanted to produce the record even though I told him it was done already. We were playing with The Besnard Lakes that night and he went to see Jace to tell him his ideas, Jace got stuck 20 minutes with that cowboy. (Final Flash, May 2010)

“Your music sounds like a warm hug feels.”  Best!!! (The Mountains and the Trees, August 2010)

This is both the best compliment and best insult…”I’m not trying to sleep with you or anything, I’d just like to take you home and rub my naked body all over your moustache.” (Winter Gloves, September 2010)

When Field Assembly and I toured across Canada in June on VIA Rail, we performed for passengers on the train and played in a variety of venues off the train. We learned a lot of covers to appeal to the older crowds, and on the Winnipeg – Edmonton stretch I was told that I do a good impression of Elton John…..I couldn’t tell if it was a compliment or an insult. (Gianna Lauren, October 2010)

”You sound like you’d be taller.” (Jay Sparrow, November 2010)

9) If you could go on tour with any band, disbanded or together, who would you tour with?

We would love to tour with <your band name here>! That would be so awesome! Can you imagine? <Your band name here> with special guests, Winter Gloves. That would be something else, no? I’d go see that show if I wasn’t already playing it. Seriously though, I would want to tour with The Who. Pretty sure the rest of the guys would have a different story to tell, but I’m doing the interview here, so it’s my call. Boys, we’re touring with The Who, pack your bags! (Winter Gloves, October 2010)

10) If you could be on the soundtrack for any TV show or movie, which one would you choose?

Cayne: The Matrix

David: The Majestic

Andy: The Star Wars Trilogy (prequels only, of course) (We Are The City, Febuary 2010)

11) What do you do for fun?

Right now I’m producing a 60-minute audio documentary about midwifery in Nova Scotia, so I spend a lot of time editing audio on a computer. I’m also very involved with community radio and I host a weekly news and music show called Third Wave Radio. I host weekly bicycle repair and maintenance workshops which usually amount to additional projects. I go to a lot of shows, take bike rides, bake bread, and make cards to send in the mail. (Gianna Lauren, October 2010)

12) If you weren’t doing music what would you do?

Die. (Final Flash, May 2010)

We’d run an organic lemonade stand. (The Wilderness of Manitoba, July 2010)

Drink alcohol. (Jay Sparrow, November 2010)

13) What do you think will be a major trend in the near future?

Auto-tune. (Aidan Knight, March 2010)

Glee, American Idol and High School Musical. (Jay Sparrow, November 2010)

I heard lots of people want to have chickens in their backyards.  So, a shift in kids’ summer jobs from lawn-mowing to chicken rearing. (Hollerado, April 2010)

iAndroid – A robot that lives your life for you (provided it has the right apps). (The Wilderness of Manitoba, July 2010)

14) What current trend do you think needs to stop?

Auto-tune. (Aidan Knight, March 2010)

Glee, American Idol and High School Musical. (Jay Sparrow, November 2010)

You know those guitars that are, like, DOUBLE guitars?  Seriously though, the camera ban at certain concerts.  What is with that?  I don’t even know where to being.  With almost every phone in existence having a semi-decent camera in them, why even try to ban traditional cameras?  I mean, I know for bigger artist, there may be worry about somebody making money off your image, but…  is it really that big of a concern?  Just let the cameras in! (The Mountains and the Trees, August 2010)

Fluorescent __________. Seriously? Your shirt is too loud, can you turn it down? (Winter Gloves, September 2010)

Corporate radio stations. (Elephant Stone, June 2010)

15) What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this survey?

Editing a bunch of stock tour footage together or continuing my search for the rarest SNES game: EVO Search for Eden. (We Are The City, February 2010)

Looking for our borrowed cat (we’re catsitting) and snuggling the H out of Spooks. Oh, he’s behind me on the couch. Asleep. Someone is getting petted and loved! (Aidan Knight, March 2010)

I would be finishing the movie I started 2 nights ago with my girlfriend and didn’t finish because I was laughing too hard and I thought I was going to wake up our roommates. Yeah, Death At A Funeral is that funny. (Winter Gloves, September 2010)


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