Review- “All That I Regret”- Eaux Neaux

reviewed by Michael

Though Eaux Neaux (pronounced like “oh no”) from London, Ont. is an electronic one-man act, you’ll most likely remember him for his very, very poignant lyrics.

That’s not to say that Taylor Everett’s electronics are boring. His beats actually blend very well with the words he sings and this is best shown in songs like “So Fake” which I will get to describing shortly.

Much like Flora, who I mentioned a few weeks back, Eaux Neaux uses electronics with warmer tones. This provides an interesting contrast since All That I Regret seems to be very, very bitter. Perhaps about a breakup?

The album begins with “Trust” which should make you want to dance due to the cool opening beats, but then will jar you with the opening lines of “Don’t freak out/It’s only sex/Take that pill/Fuck that guy.” No need for flashy metaphors here.

“So Fake” is another poignant example of not using figurative language. The chorus says “How much would I have to drink to appreciate the way you are?/Fuck you and your excuses too you’re so fake.” It even features a guest rapper which definitely adds something to it.

The rest of the songs are all seem rather angry towards a girl, or perhaps multiple girls. “Cold Sweat” is an interesting piece as it is purely instrumental in comparison to his other songs which all are accompanied by vocals.

Everett has made a very contrasting album here- the blunt lyrics counteract the warm tones. Worth a listen.

Top Tracks: “So Fake”; “Cold Sweat”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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