Review – “Radiowave” – Germany Germany

reviewed by Backdrifter

Drew Harris is a busy man. As well as being the man behind Distorted Disco Arts Collective, a free record label on the west coast, he also makes awesome electronic pop under the name Germany Germany. I had the chance to listen to Germany Germany’s first commercial album “Radiowave”, and it is a testament to Harris’s talents.

Radiowave’s content ranges from soft, ambient electronica such as the album opener “Intro II” to urgent blasts of techno in “I Can’t Be”, and the title track, songs that would be quite at home in any dance mix. Musing instrumental tracks are interspersed with scattered lyrics sung by guest vocalists, driving home thoughtful observations and wistful fantasies.

What all of the songs have in common is a quiet, pulsing energy, that manifests itself in some songs but lays hidden just under the surface in tracks such as “120” and “Rain”. It is somehow refreshing and new, and it is quickly becoming my favourite late-night music.

One of the most interesting things found in the album is the relationship between the songs “Moon” and “Meteor”; they use the same vocal track, but while “Moon” is positive, bright and optimistic, “Meteor” is its darker sister, heavier and grungier. Same words and melody, two completely different vibes. Well done, Drew.

Much the same can be said about the whole album. And if you think you’ve got it in you to outplay Germany Germany at his own game, has remix stems available for “Radiowave” and “River”!

Top Tracks: “I Can’t Be”, “River”, “Radiowave”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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