Levi of Volcanoless in Canada’s Top 11 (!!!) Canadian albums of the year

As it is now December, several writers here at the blog, as well as musicians, will be talking about their (usually) top ten Canadian albums of 2010. To start off is a list from Levi Soulodre of Volcanoless in Canada. This list is already pushing the envelope because it has eleven albums on it. The list is in no particular order.

Caribou – Swim
While ‘Odessa’ underwhelmed at first, I’ve incrementally enjoyed the track since. Whether live or on record, Dan Snaith just doesn’t stop- Swim’s a nonstop dance party- what an album. ‘Bowls’ is also definitely one of the greatest songs/sonic odysseys of the year!

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record
I’ll be first to admit I haven’t even listened to this album in full- but considering how much other BSS I’ve listened to lately,  how great ‘Meet Me in the Basement’ is and how I enjoyed hearing ‘Texico Bitches’ in a Calgary liquor offsale of all places, I’ll def. spin whole soon!

Owen Pallett – Heartland
Ok, this is probably my favourite Canuck record this year- I fell in love with the double vinyl as soon as I saw it. The record transports you to Heartland, and I’d love to live there forever. And I’m so proud Owen’s on Domino now too! He deserves it.

Common Grackle – The Great Depression
While this album’s flown under the radar, the group showcases a brilliant collaboration between two fantastic artists: Saskatoon’s beatsmith Factor, and Ontario’s Gregory Pepper- the album will make you laugh & cry simultaneously. Discover them on Myspace!

Karkwa – Les Chemins de Verre
Even though I’d never heard of Karkwa before, I naturally listened to the Polaris Prize winners’ album in full- and it’s vast, sweeping and beautiful. Big Ups  à mes frères Français!

Library Voices – Denim on Denim
Even though they cut my favourite song from the final mix (put it on the next album!!), Denim‘s a great fun toe-tapper. Their Blogotheque guest spot from Toronto too was nothing short of astounding! http://vimeo.com/14328138

Crystal Castles – (ii)
This album’s just totally possessed, fucked up & dancy as hell. I love their band name so much!

Yukon Blonde – Yukon Blonde
I know how hard this band’s worked, and I enjoyed their album watering Mom’s deck flowers this summer. “1000 yearssss!!!”

The Sheepdogs – Learn & Burn
Re-released on vinyl, it’s time to “get it on!” as the Sheepdogs say with their latest opus, Learn & Burn. One of the best live performance of the year too (this summer at Ness Creek festival).

The Besnard Lakes – Are the Roaring Night
On par with Are the Dark Horse… Am perpetually losing myself in the Besnard’s wall of sound!

Plants and Animals – La La Land
Undeniably profound. Uncannily feels as if the album was written specifically for our band. Parc Avenue lovers, give this one another few spins and discover its depth!

…And many apologies to all other bands/artists I haven’t mentioned but that also deserve to be here!
And if the Dears had put out an album in 2010, they’d be on the list too.


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