Review- “Darling, Darling”- Crissi Cochrane

reviewed by Michael

While Gamma Gamma Rays, the super energetic band from Halifax, is no longer together, Crissi Cochrane is and showcases some great songwriting and musicianship with Darling, Darling.

Cochrane is more than just a singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar- with the big number of guest musicians on the record she is successfully able to vary her music to include an orchestral sound in certain parts.

The overall feeling one gets from listening to this is a kind of blissful calm- all of the melodies on the album’s eight songs are soft and pretty. This is even further enhanced by Cochrane’s soothing voice.

The musical arrangements are mostly of the slowed-down and mellow variety- nothing is ridiculously dance-y (much like Gamma Gamma Rays was) although “Lonely For Me” does pick up tempo a little bit.

What I admire more than anything about this work is how it is able to seamlessly work in other instruments without anything sounding forced. For example, in “Elevators” (which is one of the strongest songs on the album) there is almost an entire orchestra backing her midway through. This sounded completely natural.

The only criticism I can make here is that by the ending song, “Darling, Darling” the album gets a tad bit repetitive. However, the orchestral instruments add a great deal to this album, as do some of the lyrics, particularly “I haven’t got the time so let’s go out and try to find it” from “Kinda Late.”

Crissi Cochrane just radiates gentleness.

Top Tracks: “So Far Apart”; “Elevators”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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