Review- “Knee Deep”- jenocide

reviewed by Michael

jenocide is back with a new EP and it is just as danceable as ever.

Jen Clarke, otherwise known as jenocide, impressed me to no end with her debut LP, Machines to Make Us Wet. This EP just shows that she cannot be stopped.

As per usual, her music is full of extremely catchy synths and keys straight from the get go. “Street Rhythm” is the first song and you’ll be feeling the urge to dance pretty quickly.

It gets a little crazier even with “Countess” and then moves onto “2 Hot 2 Hold” which is over five minutes long. Now usually I am not a fan of longer songs but this one holds together thanks to the interlude towards the middle of the song.

“Beachball” is the next song and has my favourite lyric of the EP: “The pit in my stomach turned into a beach ball.”

As much as the four tracks I’ve described make you want to dance, the last song, “Ramona Forever” should effectively blow you away. While most of her songs get crazy and fast straight away, this one starts off quietly and builds its way up. It shows a side of jenocide that I really hadn’t seen before.

Once again, jenocide does not disappoint.

Top Tracks: “Countess”; “Ramona Forever”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


  1. Jesus I’ve tried buying this song > “beachball” by Jenocide and god I can’t seem to find it anywhere!! It’s killing me I want it!!! HELP!

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