Do you have a case of Monster Fever?

The guys of Monster Fever, Mike Smith being the one in the gorilla suit.

by Michael

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought it would be good to profile an act that fits perfectly into the October 31st spirit. That act is Monster Fever, headlined by Hamilton’s Mike Smith.

The premise is simple, yet it really hasn’t been done before to this extent. Smith, along with help from friends from You, Me and the Machine and others, dresses up in a gorilla costume and raps about being a monster.

The effect is pretty interesting, looking at songs like “Monster Sized Problems” and “Hunger Pains,” a video I’ll be posting at the bottom here.

It’s one thing to rap about being a monster, but the monster as the subject of these raps is very much misunderstood, sort of like a really modern Godzilla.

With each song you will find yourself laughing and confused as to whether or not you should be pitying this monster or fleeing for you life.

Monster Fever will be playing two shows on Halloween weekend in Toronto- October 30th at Rancho Relaxo and October 31st at The Drake. And now the video:

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