Canadian indie artist Twitter accounts matter- here’s why

by Michael

Twitter is a remarkably weird place. When looking at the trending topics on the sidebar, one is inclined to believe that the masses only tweet about inane subjects (or, just about themselves).

However, this is only if you’re looking at the “Worldwide” trending topics. When switching to the Canadian group of topics, you’ll find that Canada tweets about relevant topics- and often about events in the Canadian music world. For example, in March this year #cmw and Canadian Music Week were trending topics. In June, NXNE was a trending topic.

But sometimes, the tweets from one artist can set off a whole Twitter community. This is, most recently, thanks in no small part to Dan Mangan and his hash tag, #punmangan.

The concept is really simple- combining the names of musicians, films, books or TV shows. Whether or not Mangan himself actually created the hash tag is up for dispute- when I looked at his Twitter page I didn’t see him make any kind of introductory post.

Needless to say, this simple hash tag set off Tumblr for a good five or six hours, with all kinds of puns being assembled. Here is a short list of some of the numerous tweets with the #punmangan tag:

  • neilvp: Fan Death From Above 1979
  • thewheatpool: Neil Young and the Restless
  • hipcitymusic: Yukon Blonde Redhead
  • danmanganmusic: Hello Dolly Parton
  • musicsoop: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Fli Empire
  • chadleaman: You Say Party, We Said the Whale

You get the picture.

I suppose what  I was trying to prove in this article is that you don’t necessarily have to be someone with great celebrity status to have a big influence on Twitter. And Canadian musicians, as shown by Dan Mangan, can really influence the trending topic bar and capture the imagination of an entire Twitter community.


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