Review- “Birthday Girls”- Birthday Girls

reviewed by Michael

If you prefer a good frantic dance with your breakfast cereal, then The Birthday Girls, based out of Ottawa, have got just the thing.

The trio with not a female among them has just recently released a self-titled EP that combines guitar, bass and drums with heavy synths to create a solid dance-punk collection of four songs.

The EP starts off with a bang with “Teenagers” which quickly sends the listener headfirst into the band’s flurry of guitar, bass and synth.

The Ep reaches its absolute best with “Let’s Take This Party Downstairs” which starts with really gritty guitar and bass which swells into a huge frenzy in which I imagine all kinds of people must mosh to.

The last two songs, “Balcony” and “Siren” are good in their own regard but don’t quite match up to the epic dance parties that the first two songs must start.

In short, this Ottawa trio has got off to a really promising start with this debut EP. By cutting down the slight repetition in their songs, this band will be kicking all kinds of ass across the country (if they aren’t already).

Top Tracks: “Teenagers”; “Let’s Take This Party Downstairs

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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