Canadians In The Music Biz You Should Follow On Twitter

@PolarisPrize, one of the top Canadian music Twitter pages that you should be following.

Since the micro-blogging site Twitter exploded in popularity last year, how do you know where to start? With millions of people “Tweeting” everyday, it is hard to sort the people who talk about what they had for lunch, to the people who have something interesting to say. Here are a few must-follow Canadians in the music business.

@Jannarden (Jann Arden)

Regardless if you are a fan of her music, Jann Arden’s Tweets are always entertaining. Whether it be divulging personal yet hilarious information about herself or talking about the misfortunes of her dog, Jann Arden can always brighten your day.

Although she is one of those celebrities that talk about what they eat, she manages to put a hilarious spin on it, letting you know what went wrong or the challenges she’s having with her diets. You can hear more of Jann on her new music and talk show, “Being Jann,” on CBC Radio One.

Top Tweets last month: “I thought I was having a stroke just now and realized that it was the washing machine spin cycle making the floor move. Sheesh.”

“Nothing says recession like a do it yourself back rub.”

@TeganandSara (Tegan & Sara)

“Tegan dispatching on behalf of Tegan and Sara” does a great job keeping fans up to date with special announcements, photos, and tour information. Similar to Jann Arden, it is not necessary to be a fan to enjoy the Tweets. Tegan, and sometimes Sara, always have fun tour stories, music suggestions, interesting links, and of course, witty comments.

Top Tweets last month: “Less Jerseyshore More Northshore.”

“Must hotel room air conditioning units be SO complicated?”

@Criminaltoronto (Criminal Records)

As one of the great record stores in Toronto, Criminal Records (493 Queen Street West) is there to answer your music questions and are always up to date with new music and releases. Their Tweets inform you of music that has just arrived, sales, and upcoming in-store performances. Somehow they are always able to persuade you to drop by and see what they have in stock. If you don’t live in the area, they always have music suggestions, criticism, news from the Canadian music scene and stories of the day in the life of an independent music store.

Top Tweets this month: “This completely lousy day has just been made a little better by the 7 year old kid who just asked me ‘if we sell gramophones’”

“Instruction manual on how to sell a Dan Mangan (@danmanganmusic) record: Play it.”

@CHARTattack (

Since it’s launch in 1996, has become one of Canada’s leading music websites, featuring music news, reviews, interviews, and contests. Their Twitter account always stays up to date with their very successful website. Tweets often include songs of the day, and links to their website that include album reviews, live reviews, live photos, and interesting stories. CHARTattack always keeps its followers updated with the newest music news.

Top Tweets last month: “Neil Young coming to Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock”

“Looks like our CD player has Alzheimer’s. It now won’t play anything.”

@PolarisPrize (Polaris Music Prize)

Founder of the Polaris Music Prize, Steve Jordan is behind the esteemed prize’s Tweets. The Polaris Twitter account features information, links, and reviews about past and present Polaris nominees.  If you like to keep up to date with news in the Canadian music industry or are a fan of Polaris nominated artists, following the Polaris Music Prize will not disappoint. Be sure to watch or listen to the 2010 Polaris Music Prize Gala and Winner Announcement, September 20.

Top Tweets last month: “@Metric playing free at Union Station in TO tomorrow, 7pm. Be mindful of this:”

“Check in later and let us know! RT @BasiaBulat: Oslo tonight! With @owenpallett! Could today get any better?”

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