Parliament’s Choice September- Winter Gloves

by Michael

September is seeing the emergence of a new Parliament’s Choice pick: Montreal’s Winter Gloves. Although if you’ve been reading this blog since its inception (which is probably about two people), you’ll know that Winter Gloves have been on this blog a lot.

The band first started getting attention in 2008 with their excellent, excellent debut LP About a Girl. I remember being completely and utterly obsessed with it, playing it more than I’ve played most albums I own. I loved this album so much, in fact, that I named both the blog’s WordPress domain and my username after their song “Glass Paperweight.”

About a Girl was all about living in the big city and seduction, featuring crazy addictive songs like “Let Me Drive” and “Factories” and slightly slower songs like “Piano 4 Hands.”

Winter Gloves play indie electro-pop that is always very short in duration- their songs are usually no longer than three-and-a-half minutes and full of energy. This also translates well to their live show in which lead singer Charles F can be seen almost standing on top of his keyboard.

In October of last year Winter Gloves released A Way to Celebrate which was all the tracks of About a Girl either remixed or in an alternate version (such as an acoustic “Let Me Drive”).

This Tuesday (September 7th) Winter Gloves released their sophomore album entitled All Red which was thankfully not an album suffering from the sophomore curse. It seemed to hone their craft even tighter and features songs based around childhood and growing up.

It seems that this band is pretty much unstoppable right now, with All Red getting rave reviews across the country. The band is finishing up a quick tour of Quebec and Ontario before heading into the states for a bunch of shows with Born Ruffians. Here are their Canadian dates for September:

September 17th- Grad Club (Kingston, Ont.)

September 22nd- Red Dog (Guelph, Ont.)

September 23rd- Mavericks (Ottawa, Ont.)

September 25th- Il Motore (Montreal, Que.)

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