Review- “Dog Weather”- Baby Eagle

reviewed by Michael

Little did I know that Baby Eagle not only is the side project of (possibly defunct?) The Constantines’ Steve Lambke, but it also features Shotgun Jimmie and Daniel Romano of Attack in Black.

That out of the way, I will say that this album is really great, with an asterisk beside it. Dog Weather is really fantastic, soulful and beautiful, but only those who’ve an ear for the folk-country that Lambke & Co. play will truly appreciate this.

Lambke is, above all else, a poet. In the album’s fourteen songs, he doesn’t sing in any traditional way. His vocal style is very much like that of Lou Reed. It also is fitting that the lyrics on the inside of the CD are separated not by slashes, but by periods. And it fits the music perfectly. With the exception of two or three songs, the music is very slow and melodic, often featuring a harmonica.

At lyrical best is the song “Thistle in Bloom.” It is very rich in imagery, talking of bleeding limbs and vivid colours of a blooming thistle.

At musical best is the song “Me Vs. the Devil” which is one of the few songs to be really upbeat, and dare I say rocking. It shows a completely different side of Baby Eagle that one might not expect at all.

Otherwise, though, the album is really great in its more tender songs, such as “Dog Failure” and “Day of Our Departing.”

Basically, if you’re into this type of music, this will be the album you listen to over and over again.

Top Tracks: “Haybale Song”; “Thistle in Bloom”; “Me Vs. the Devil”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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