Review- “Meet Me at the Muster Station”- PS I Love You

reviewed by Michael

To put it simply, Kingston duo PS I Love You have rejuvenated my love for rock music. A bold statement, no doubt, but this ten-song LP made me realize that there are ways to make the electric guitar really interesting again.

While many bands with electric guitars opt to play extended songs with all kinds of crazy guitar riffs, PS I Love You pack the awesomeness of electric guitar into songs of three and a half minutes or less. And that’s just part of why this album is so fantastic.

The other major strength of this album is the absolutely insane vocal style. The lead singer sounds like a schizophrenic Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. He sings often like a raving madman, and that’s exactly the charm.

The title track opens up the album, with the song sounding average until the vocals come in. As it moves onto “Breadends” the true combination of manic vocals and killer guitar can be seen. Especially when you hear the repeated phrase “Give me all your fuckin’ money!”

The song that got PS I Love You, “Facelove,” is on this album as well, and it’s on there for good reason. The music is insanely catchy and has a really kickass guitar solo. “Get Over” is another unique song on the LP for its heavy use of distortion which isn’t quite as noticeable on the other songs.

To recap: short song lengths, killer use of guitar and manic vocals. The perfect recipe for an unbelievably amazing LP.

Top Tracks: “2012”; “Facelove”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*

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