Pat Lepoidevin is Being Heard

by Laura

Born in British Columbia, but now a proud Sackville, New Brunswick resident, Pat Lepoidevin has quietly been making his ukulele heard across Canada.
Lepoidevin’s musical diversity dates back to when he was 10 and started playing the bagpipes while living in Scotland. Now, his ability to play a wide variety of instruments paired with his imaginative song writing is showcased in both his first record, “Blue Tornadoes” and his sophomore, “Moonwolves,” released earlier this year.
His musical style is done by using a looper pedal to mix vocals, ukulele, guitar, fiddle, and other instruments which create a unique Celtic influenced folk sound.
This spring, while out touring with fellow Canadian folk artist, banjo playing Old Man Luedecke, Lepoidevin captured audiences with his live-energy, crowd-singing show.
Songs like, “George the Polar Bear” and “I See a Fox Drinking Wine Outside a Bar in France,” reflect Lepoidevin’s childhood in Princeton, B.C. filled with nature, animals and children’s stories.
On the other hand, Lepoidevin sings of heartbreak and loneliness with tracks like, “You Know Your War,” and “Cancer.”
For fans of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Lepoidevin’s rich falsettos are filled with similar haunting sounds and emotions.

Canadian Tour Dates (September 4 – October 8)

September 4 – Gazebo (Princeton, BC)
September 9 – The Blacksheep (Wakefield, QC)
September 10 – George’s Roadhouse (Sackville, NB)
September 11 – Lost at Sea Festival (Grand Manan, NB)
September 12 – Lost at Sea Festival (Grand Manan, NB)
September 14 – Company House (Halifax, NS)
September 29 – Vintage Bistro (Hampton, NB)
October 8 – Cafe Aberdeen (Moncton, NB) (Source: StreamingCafe)

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