Parliament’s Choice August- The Mountains and the Trees

by Michael

By total coincidence, this post is published on the same day as The Mountain and the Tree’s latest offering, I Made This For You, finally sees its official debut.

And what a fine album I Made This For You is. It got an “excellent” rating in our review from a few weeks back, and for good reason. The album was the culmination of a lot of really hard work, and it’s an album that frontman Jon Janes is very proud of.

I met Janes back in March, when he was in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, and he is simply one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. It is partially this niceness that is getting his name spread all around the blog-o-sphere from one end of the country to the other.

Janes has been touring relentlessly for months now, much like one of his favourite folk artists, Dan Mangan. He was in the U.K. for quite a while before finally returning to Canada for NXNE, and is just about to finish a cross-country tour with The Wilderness of Manitoba, who were just featured last month.

Janes is also a huge fan of CBC Radio 3, regularly making contributions to the Radio 3 blogs and sometimes even appearing on radio shows with hosts Craig Norris and Lana Gay.

I think it won’t be too much longer until Janes ends up in your newspaper- he is such a great person to talk to and listen to, and it won’t be long before the rest of Canada catches on too.

Canadian Tour Dates (August 10- September 9)

August 11- Phog Lounge (London, Ont.) w/ The Wilderness of Manitoba

August 12- Summerworks @ Lower Ossington Theatre (Toronto, Ont.)

August 14- Fundy Fog Festival (Saint John, NB)

August 18-22- Writers at Woody Point (Woody Point, NL)

August 27- Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)

September 6- TBA (Waterloo, Ont.)


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