Grayowl Point turns one year old today!


by Michael

Where oh where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I decided to change my aimless blog into one completely dedicated to the thriving indie music scene across Canada.

It was a long growing process- it started with just me doing everything, and then slowly adding new team members that have contributed greatly to the blog’s success. Along the way all kinds of new features were slowly added to the blog- what started as just reviews ended up including interviews, Parliament’s Choice picks and most recently, Audible Hoots.

I’ve also discovered a ton of great music, spanning from all corners of the Canadian map. Great bands and solo artists that immediately come to mind are Dan Mangan, Said the Whale, Ghostkeeper, Hannah Georgas, Ohbijou, Joel Plaskett and so many more. And I’m continually discovering talent as I continue to be contacted by artists.

Over the year we’ve made friends with a great number of great PR firms, notably Killbeat Music, Pigeon Row Publicity and Must Be Santa. I’ve also personally met some really great bands for interviews, such as Winter Gloves, Ghostkeeper, Krupke and The Mountains and the Trees.

Of course the blog is still growing. I fully acknowledge that the blog is still not doing all it can to promote Canadian indie music- there is still a very noticeable lack of hip-hop, and show reviews are also pretty much severely lacking. As well, I hope in the near future to be able to add some writers from places other than Toronto to get a more broad picture of the indie scenes in other provinces.

And for some final words- thanks to everyone who has made this blog what it now is. Thank you to every musician that has sent us a CD for consideration; thank you to every PR firm that keeps us up to date with the latest info; thanks to everyone on Twitter who retweets our links; thanks to everyone who came here by total accident but still hung around to read what else we had to offer; thanks to all of our friends who may not even like the music we’re reviewing but still reading the reviews anyway.

Thank you for a great first year, and here’s to many, many more.


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