Review- “Sky One Room”- Winchester Warm

reviewed by Michael

This folk duo from Ottawa really knows how to cut to the bone. With simple arrangements of mostly acoustic guitar and drums, the Jonathan Pearce/Matthew Godin combination churns out some very emotionally-charged yet simple music.

Many of the songs may start with a simple acoustic riff followed by drums. That being said. the instruments work in harmony with each other- rarely did I notice the drums or guitar seperately- they seemed to meld into one piece of music.

Pearce’s vocals are also an intrinsic part of the musical process- they are perfectly suited to their brand of music and add the final layer to the emotional wallop some of these songs for deliver. In “Cracks and Clues” Pearce sings: “More than I needed to/I was clinging on for dear life.”

As the record progresses there is a good mix of slow songs and slightly faster songs (this is folk, after all!) which show vulnerability and playfulness, respectively. Songs like “Miss You For Dinner” and “Hardline Industry” hit especially hard, particularly the latter which has a really simple acoustic riff for the first minute or two. Songs like “Up in the Belfry” and “Winchester Warm” showcase the more fun, playful side of the duo.

There really isn’t that much more to say here- other than this is another band to add to your list of great Canadian folk acts.

Top Tracks: “Hardline Industry”; “Miss You For Dinner”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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