Review- “Mergers & Acquisitions”- Scott Lanaway

reviewed by Michael

On my first look at the album I was immediately intrigued by the genre written down for the album: “electrofolk.” I thought this was a really cool idea, fusing electronic and folk music. And while the result of the mixing isn’t perfect, it shows that there’s a potential to create some really amazing and unique music.

The way that Scott Lanaway combines the two genres of folk and electronic is by sometimes using electronic music with folk sensibilities and vice-versa. In one of the album standouts called “Gabapentin,” the electronic yet almost primitive-sounding drums and beats combine with a slower vocal style to create a really catchy song.

For many of the songs Lanaway creates very lush electronic landscapes, at some points making you feel as though you’re in a dream. However the album sometimes runs into some problems. A majority of the songs feel a little bit too long- one might argue that folk music doesn’t tend to be done in short bursts, but a lot of the songs tend to get a little repetitive, which adds onto the feeling of a long album.

That being said, songs like “Gabapentin” almost make the album worth listening more than once. The other standout is the track “Oprah, God Wants You to Have a Private Jet.” While the song sounds like a gentle serenade, it has some wonderfully ironic undertones that make the song quite listenable again and again.

As well, Lanaway has some really great vocals, so even if you may not be engaged on every song on the album you will at least have his singing to admire.

In short, Mergers & Acquisitions is not a perfect album as there are some problems with repetition and song length. However if Lanaway plays around a little he could potentially create a whole new genre of great music.

Top Tracks: “Gabapentin”; “Oprah, God Wants You to Have a Private Jet”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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