Parliament’s Choice July- The Wilderness of Manitoba


by Michael

This month the spotlight is on the folk/vocal group The Wilderness of Manitoba, who are actually from Toronto. In two days time their answers to the Grayowl Questionnaire will go up and you’ll find out how they got their name.

The Wilderness of Manitoba have a lot going for them at the moment. Not only have they released a phenomenal debut album in When You Left the Fire, but they’re also currently on a cross-Canada tour with another artist that has a lot of love on the blog, The Mountains and the Trees.

On top of this, the band also has on their CBC Radio 3 page a beautiful cover of Timber Timbre’s “Demon Host.” It showcases their vocal style which is probably some of the most haunting voices I have come across in folk thus far.

In short, there is little you can do to criticize this band for anything- they chose a great touring partner and have an absolutely breathtaking album- what’s not to like?

Tour Dates, July 10-August 9 (with The Mountains and the Trees)

July 10- The Black Sheep Inn- Wakefield, Que.

July 15- The Adam’s Apple- Sarnia, Ont.

July 16- River and Sky Festival- River Valley, Ont.

July 22- Little Mountain Gallery- Vancouver, BC

July 24- House Show- Mission, BC (without The Mountains and the Trees)

July 29- All Citizens- Bruno, Sask.

July 30- Caffe Sola- Saskatoon, Sask.

August 1- Islendingadagurinn- Gimli, Man.


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