Review- “Into the Moon” EP- Bird and Bear

reviewed by Michael

Bird and Bear is made up of Jillian Freeman and Jon Janes. In this case Janes takes a backseat, providing many backup instruments while Freeman sings vocals and plays guitars. The resulting sound is a folk that definitely has a different sound from Janes’ work as The Mountains and the Trees.

Into the Moon begins with “The Photographer,” a rather serious-sounding song which also showcases some of Freeman’s great lyrics throughout these six songs. The chorus has some of the song’s best lyrics: “Scattered was our time/Abrupt was our end.” These lyrics are also buildups to the highest intensity- a guitar line is played and paused abruptly as are the drums.

“Bird and Bear” is an interesting song in that it seems to tell the story of why they are called Bird and Bear. You’ll have to listen to the song to find out, and you’ll also note Freeman’s appearance on the piano.

“I Won’t Go” probably has the greatest lyrics on the entire EP starting it off. Freeman sings “The sun set like a woolly blanket/Like a comforting apocalypse.” My mind was completely blown when hearing that.

“A Settling of Accounts” has the most accordion I’ve heard in a song since an Arcade Fire tune and made me think of a Parisian cafe somewhere.

Overall the EP comes off as a little repetitive but the songs do tell great stories as folk should do. Freeman has a slight intensity in her voice that carries throughout all of the tracks. Also, the physical CD itself looks like a moon. Cool, right?

Top Tracks: “The Photographer”; “I Won’t Go”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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