Review- “She EP”- Molly Rankin

reviewed by Michael

If you recall, Molly Rankin is the singer from the Maritimes that I was introduced to, quite by surprise, after finishing an interview with Menno Versteeg of Hollerado. Menno ended up actually getting me Rankin’s debut EP. The EP immediately caught my interest because of how She EP can also spell “sheep.”

This six-song EP is a rarity amongst the albums reviewed on this site- it is one where the lyrics are the greatest part of the experience; not to say that the melodies are bad, however. I found this same thing with Acres and Acres last year, and I ended up listening to their album a bunch of times after the review.

Rankin certainly has a way with words. For example, in the opener “One of Each” she says “I wake up in the morning and I’m smothered in greed/ I don’t want one, I want one of each.” Her vocal style and the light guitar in the background make it a very haunting opener.

Another strength of Rankin’s lyrics is that her lyrics can be rich in metaphor but also extremely blunt. “Mistake” is definitely filled with metaphors, such as “he looks like marble but he tastes like granite” and “he’s a hole in my jeans, I just can’t sow it.”

Contrast this with the following track “Bombshell” which opens with “Bombshell, you’ve been taking all my boyfriends/When we go out on the weekend you’re no friend of mine.” The song goes on to talk about how being a girl with tons of boyfriends doesn’t mean anything later in life.

Her last song, “Way Home” is especially catchy with both rhythm, which seems to have a little bit of the Celtic influence that she mentioned in my brief interview with her, as well as lyrics spoken in a more rapid succession.

In short, this EP is a wonderful debut from Molly Rankin. I can definitely see what Menno Versteeg sees in her, and I’m excited to see what she can do with a full-length album.

Top Tracks: “Mistake”; “Way Home”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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