Review- “Co-op Mode”- Royal Canoe

reviewed by Michael

This album is the first one in a while that I truly had a lot of fun listening to. The album is from Winnipeg’s Royal Canoe, an idea in the making since 2006 by Matt Peters of the Waking Eyes.

Co-op Mode is an album that can’t be immediately categorized- it has equal parts pop and electronic in it, and these two styles make some really fun (and insanely catchy) tunes.It also has some crazy and unexpected falsettos.

Take “Me Loving Your Money” for example. This song has a mellow electronic groove in the background while the lyrics explore the theme of love amongst piles and piles of riches. Its tone is so ironic that this song becomes immediately memorable.

“Kasparov” is a song that should, if you know your history, conjure an image of the chess master. And that’s exactly what the song is about. It’s actually written as a love letter to Kasparov from Deep Blue, the computer he faced in 1996 and beat. The style of the song is one of an old 1950’s love-song.

“How Do You Like my Body” is where the falsettos come in. In full force. Almost the entire song is sung that way, and if you were to listen to the song without knowing the artist you may almost assume you’re listening to either the Bee Gees or the Scissor Sisters.

“Soothsayer” is a good modern spin on the old “Hush little baby don’t say a word…” nursery rhyme. The chorus starts with “Soothsayer, soothsayer, don’t say a word/Daddy wouldn’t buy you a mockingbird.”

This album definitely keeps everything fresh with no song sounding much like the last. Royal Canoe seems to draw influence from all over the musical spectrum making for the first truly memorable disc in quite a while. Solid stuff.

Top Tracks: “Me Loving Your Money”; “How Do You Like My Body”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*


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