Review- “Oh Deer”- Adrienne Pierce

reviewed by Michael

While it may take a few minutes to adjust to her voice, Adrienne Pierce does make a pretty good pop album. A line from her album closer “Telescope” is still repeating through my head.

The singer-songwriter, originally from Vancouver but now living in California, is soon to release her third full-length album entitled Oh Deer and I would first like to point out how amazing the album artwork is.

Art aside, Pierce manages to pull of a pleasant twelve-song set along with assistance from her husband and fellow musician Ari Shine. She manages to change the instruments used in almost every song so that the listening experience never gets too stale.

“Amargosa Hotel” is the song that opens up the album and it would almost be an alt-country song if it weren’t for Pierce’s vocals. In the next song the country-style guitar is gone and is replaced with electronics for the very catchy “Black Sands.”

Pierce shows musical brilliance with the song “Arc de Triomphe”- it begins with steady, triumphant drums that one would hear in a marching band, followed by a simple acoustic guitar when Pierce begins to sing. Her lyrical brilliance is in the form of “Come Over to my House” which at first sounds like a positive song until she begins listing things happening in “her neighbourhood.” Items include hills and a tree on fire, helicopters, gunfire and smog. There is also a brief hip-hop interlude.

The only weakness (if you could even call it that) of the album is that sometimes Pierce’s lyrics are a little too direct, however she does show that she can use figurative language, particularly in the song “Monsters.”

“Guilty of Everything” is a song that rings true to most people- nobody is perfect and it’s better to admit that than pretend you are; “Winner Takes All” examines the attitude of being a “winner” all the time and features the word “congratulations” a total of nineteen times, as well as a healthy round of applause at the end.

As other reviewers of this have already said, it is an album that you will need to spend time with. After a while, a lot of her very catchy songs will end up stuck in your head for a while.

Top Tracks: “Museum”; “Arc de Triomphe”; “Come Over to my House”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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