Parliament’s Choice April- Hollerado

by Michael

April has now rolled around, and with a new month comes a new act for the wise owls over at the Parliament to pick. Interesting fact- picking Hollerado for this month required the least debate of all the bands or artists we’ve chosen so far.

Hollerado is a four-man group from the tiny town of Manotick, Ontario, and they’re damn proud of it. Last year, they released their album, Record in a Bag, from their website. This year, they were able to get Record in a Bag released in physical form. And it truly lives up to its name. The CD’s are literally in a ziploc bag, also filled with confetti and other assorted prizes. Apparently one of these records in a bag contains a ticket that will let the holder go to as many Hollerado shows as they can get to.

Aside from all this breaking-new-ground stuff involved with the album, it’s also really, really great. Every single track is enjoyable in its own way, and the lyrics are often very cleverly crafted, such as “Got To Lose” or “On My Own.” The album will also make you laugh (“Hollerado Land”) and rock out (“Do the doot da doot doo” and “Juliette”).

Aside from this, the guys themselves are also undeniably charming. Lead singer Menno Versteeg is often hilarious with everything he says. They’re also very, very down-to-earth guys who would easily come and have a beer with you after a show.

Did I forget to mention that they’re actually giving away their old tour van right now? See their website for more details on that. And, whenever they’re on tour, they will send you postcards from wherever they are. I got a postcard from China late last year.

We couldn’t be happier with these guys. Let’s say that.

Remaining Canadian tour dates for April 10th to May 9th:

April 10- Green Room (Montreal) w/ Titus Andronicus

April 13- The Capital Bar (Frederiction, NB) w/Arkells

April 14- Hunters Ale House (Charlottetown, PEI) w/Said the Whale

April 16- The Pavilion and The Seahorse Tavern (both in Halifax) w/ Said the Whale

April 17- Junctions (St. John’s) w/  Arkells

April 23- The Mansion (Kingston, ON)

April 24- The Red Dog (Peterborough, ON)

April 28- The Royal Albert (Winnipeg) w/ Besnard Lakes

April 29- The Exchange (Regina) w/ Besnard Lakes

April 30- Amigos (Saskatoon) w/ Besnard Lakes

May 1- Pawn Shop (Edmonton) w/ Besnard Lakes

May 2- Broken City (Calgary) w/ Besnard Lakes

May 4- Lucky Bar (Victoria, BC) w/ Besnard Lakes

May 5- Media Club (Vancouver) w/ Besnard Lakes


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