Review- “MountainTigerWolf”- bradley

reviewed by Michael

I’m going to cut to the chase here- this album by Vancouver’s bradley is a very electronic album, and sometimes will really surprise you with how blatant it is.

What’s really interesting is how quickly bradley’s songs change. Some songs are quick , some draw out a little longer. More than that, some tempos are blisteringly fast (like “Your Money”), and some are slow and almost acoustic in sound (like “Broken”). One song, “Monster” has both fast and slow tempos changing every minute or so.

“Monster” in itself is a pretty interesting song, which uses “monster” not as a noun, but as a verb. The chorus says “I think about you constantly/You monstered me.” The tempo changes I mentioned are quite dramatic- the fast-tempo parts have what sounds like an electric guitar being played really quickly, and the slow-tempo parts has an acoustic guitar being strummed, plus a xylophone.

“Padma” is like “Monster” in the sense that it is also has both quick and slow rhythms.

MountainTigerWolf stands out because of how unpredictable of an album it is. I can safely say that I have never heard the word “monster” used as a verb, nor have I ever heard the word “Fainne” as a song title. I also got surprised by how blatant some of bradley’s lyrics were.

On everyone’s first listening of the original version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” I’m sure most were surprised when they heard the line “You’re so fucking special.” This is similar in bradley’s “Lullaby.”  Just as the name would imply, the pace of the song is very relaxed and tranquil, and the only instrumental sounds are a xylophone and a keyboard. However, the first few lines are “I’ve got to go to sleep or I will lose my fucking mind.” Towards the end of the song, “Lose my fucking mind” is repeated repeatedly, not only by him but also a female backing vocalist.

You’ll probably find yourself fascinated when you first turn this album on- no song is similar to the last, and you’ll barely believe the album ended so quickly. Recommended listening.

Top Tracks: “Monster”; “Black Shirt”

3.5 Hoots (out of 4) + *swoop*


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