Parliament’s Choice March- Aidan Knight

by Michael

The Parliament is very proud to announce their pick for March- Vancouver’s Aidan Knight.

Aidan Knight has quite the story- he started out as a background musician and has finally released his debut album, Versicolour. It was not an easy album to make, and sometimes money presented a problem, but the eight-song record finally came together. The album is out on the label Adventure Boys Club, a tiny label started by Tyler Bancroft of Said the Whale (I might add that Said the Whale is a huge fan of Aidan Knight).

Early reviews of Versicolour have been phenomenal. Exclaim! gave the album a (!) review, and here at the blog it received a 3.5 Hoots. It is a very beautiful folk blend, and Knight’s deep voice in unexpectedly soothing.

All this month, Knight will be on the Reckless Bravery Tour with We Are the City, the Parliament’s Choice for February.  Knight will also be playing a show by himself at Canadian Music Fest on Friday, March 12, at Global Village Backpackers.

I think it’s safe to say that the B.C. music scene is buzzing with excitement, and Aidan Knight is brimming with potential. Here are the rest of the dates that Aidan Knight will be on tour this month:

  • March 12- Global Village Backpackers- Toronto
  • March 13- In-store at Criminal Records with Dan Mangan and Hollerado ( FREE SHOW!!!!!!!)- Toronto
  • March 24- The Gateway- Calgary
  • March 25- Henotic- Lethbridge, Alberta
  • March 27- Haven Social Club- Edmonton

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