Parliament’s Choice February- We Are The City

by Michael

The owls up at the Parliament have conferred, and decided that February’s pick is none other than Kelowna’s We Are The City.

The boys have recently risen even further in popularity thanks to their winning the PEAK Peformance Project finals, and winning themselves $150,000 towards development of their music.

Immediately following news of their victory, there was congratulations all around, and it seems like the boys have been extremely humbled by the experience.

And of course, part of the reason they won the finals was because of their spectacular music. Their album, In a Quiet World was released last month and received a perfect score from Grayowl Point. Their extremely cohesive album could almost be an anthem to anyone living in a big city, making the release a record that can be listened to several times over.

Keep in mind this is just the beginning for this trio. If they prove to be as brilliant as they were on In a Quiet World, their future releases will be something to look forward to, and they will continue to turn heads and make people ask themselves “Why have I never heard these guys before?”

The group will be playing at the Surrey 2010 Celebration Stage with Dan Mangan, Sam Roberts and the Arkells on February 19. That would be a show I would love to be at.


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