Review- “AllTogetherNow”- Billy Manzik

reviewed by Michael

As I began to listen to this I honestly had no idea what to expect. What I got was something far more fun than I imagined it was going to be.

Billy Manzik began his music career in Calgary but is now living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. But it seems the western influence is still quite present in his music.

His songs are very much in the style of blues, folk and rock, and are reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. It is a genre that is still alive and well today, and Manzik seems to have a good grasp on it.

AllTogetherNow begins with “On a Road” which will show the listener what he is all about. It is a very upbeat, guitar-driven song which sounds like something from the sixties.

“Consigned” shows the blues-rock side of him while “Same Thing Goes” has more country-driven chords. But not all of his music is about getting into a car, hitting the open road and having a great time. He also has a few softer tracks.

“Hannah” is an example of this, with a much slower tempo in comparison to the roaring “61 Highway.” “Hannah” features an acoustic guitar, great female backup harmonies and I swear I also heard an organ. “On To You” is also very slow and melodic, and asks the question “How long/Is enough/For you?”

Finally, “Has Been” is probably the most fun track. It is neither blues-rock nor mellow and acoustic. It actually has a Carribean-like style which contrasts the rest of his music.

The album’s strength comes from the fact that it is not just eleven tracks of the same old repetitive tracks. The addition of the more mellow tracks justifies a second listening.

Top Tracks: “61 Highway”; “Has Been”

3 Hoots (out of 4)


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