Review- “Maybe God Will Tell Us” EP- Timothy

reviewed by Michael

This band from the area of Coquitlam, BC  has claimed on their MySpace that they have “exchanged costumes with existence.” Whether or not these claims are valid, they certainly have a good chemistry as a band, as made evident by their EP.

Maybe God Will Tell Us is a four song collection of guitar-heavy rock that assaults your heart with lyrics talking of loneliness and heartbreak, but also with the romanticism that almost every male will show at least once in their life towards a woman they love.

The EP starts off with a bang with “Always Turn Back (Always Will)” which wastes absolutely no time in getting in your face with arena-rock guitar riffs and percussion.

“Cute Little Song” is next, and it starts off on a softer note. It is lighter on guitar and features a more prominent bass, and even a xylophone here and there. It manages to pull of being a cute little song.

“The Last Gentleman” is by far the standout track of the four. It starts with a light guitar riff and quick drum beat, and the almost breathy vocals of singer/guitarist Scott Bjerkness. Bjerkness shows that he is capable of hitting higher notes, making his vocals not all sound the same. Almost two minutes into the song their trademark guitar riffs come in and the song picks up the same tone as their first song.

“To Be Alone” is a seven-and-a-half minute piece that I swear has a small bit of orchestral notes in it. Maybe I’m just hearing things? It is all about- you guessed it- loneliness. Perhaps the song’s length is indicative of how slow time seems to pass for someone who suffers from loneliness. The song even features female guest vocals later on.

To further improve their sound, Timothy could try writing some shorter pieces. While four minutes is a song-length norm, shorter songs (in my opinion, anyways) make the listener want more.

Top Track: “The Last Gentleman”

3 Hoots (out of 4)


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