Review- “All Nations”- Acres and Acres

Reviewed by Michael

I’m not sure as to classify this group as folk or country, I think they lie somewhere in the middle.

Whatever genre disctintion they fall under, this Halifax band is pretty neat. It is mainly the vocals that seem to take precedence on this record, and this certainly is not a bad thing.

Each song seems to have a clearly defined theme, sometimes easy to discern from the title alone, and sometimes this is done to amusement. An example would be the album’s second track called “Money”. It begins by speaking of how everyone says they’re making money but they “all got shitty printers.” The chorus goes on to say that “Everyone needs a little money to live/But some people take too much.”

Or the song “Joker” which seems to be a modern re-telling of the boy who cried wolf. After the story of this character is painted through the lyrics, “No one came to the Joker’s aid” when he was in trouble.

My favourite song is definitely “The Polar Bear Song” which talks of “the greatest beast that ever lived.” It has a very clear environmental message, especially the lines talking about us leaving our children with water (as opposed to the ice that has melted).

The song “All He Needs” is probably the simplest song on the album, and it unmistakably a love song, no reading into the lines required. Despite it being a love song it does manage to be a little creative, particularly in the lines: “And your hair’s like golden honey/But anyone with a little money/Could match that hue/But I love it cause it’s your natural colour/And it came from your Mama and Papa when they made you.” The chorus is backed up by a beautifully-voiced female chorus.

What the album lacks in seriously catchy instrumentals it makes up for with the vocals, and the stories told in each song, which is something not seen as often these days. This nine-track album does make for a good listen and it should definitely be considered by folk fans at the very least.

Top Tracks: “Polar Bear Song”, “Money”, “All That he Needs”

3 Hoots (out of 4)

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