Concert Review- Winter Gloves & Tokyo Police Club @ CNE August 29/08

This is NOT a picture from the show.
This is NOT a picture from the show.

While the Bandshell at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto is not usually the first place one would think of to hear actual good music, good music could be heard yesterday from Montreal “dance rock” group Winter Gloves and Newmarket indie sweethearts Tokyo Police Club.


Nor is this.
Nor is this.


Winter Gloves opened up the show with a good thirty minute set, and was highly underappreciated by the majority of the crowd who was obviously there for Tokyo Police Club, save for a few diehard fans (one guy screamed, during a pause between songs “I SAW YOU AT HORSESHOE TAVERN, REMEMBER ME?). They started out with “Factories” and continued on with their well-known “Let Me Drive”, followed by “About a Girl” and then “I Can’t Tell You.” They even played three new songs- “Jump”, “We Need New Transportation” and the song they played during their CBC Radio 3 Sessions podcast, “Tooth Fairy”.

Overall the band were extremely energetic, with lead singer Charles F bouncing all over the stage, whether he was maniacally playing keyboards, shaking a tambourine, playing guitar for “Party People” or even banging a xylophone. That’s right- you can even be amazing on a xylophone. Drummer Patrick Sayers was also very lively and looked like he was probably sweating a great deal from his intense drumming.

Next, Tokyo Police Club took the stage and the millions for fifteen-year-old girls began to start screaming. And with good enough reason- TPC did play quite a solid set. They started off their set with “Nature of the Experiment” and honestly, I didn’t know enough of their music to appreciate their last show of the year, but I know many of their fans certainly did.

Lead singer and bass player David Monk accidentally broke a bass string during one song and Winter Gloves actually lent him their bass to play in place. Monk jokingly said “Have you heard about how Mars is supposed to be bigger than the moon? That’s about as rare as breaking a bass string.” Later on, he also gave a shout-out to Tiny Tom’s Donuts, a CNE tradition, saying “Tom hooked me up, and it was delicious.”

Understandably, the crowd went craziest when they played their well-known tracks from their CD Elephant Shell, such as “Graves”, “Tessellate” and “Your English is Good.” After finishing off their set, the rabid fans wanted more and the guys came back out for an encore with their popular quick tune “Cheer it On.” You can only imagine how many people yelled “TOKYO POLICE CLUB” during the chorus of that song.

Overall the night was pretty good, I just wish that there were more people out to see Winter Gloves, even though I know they’re not as well known and that there were people other than me there to see them. Oh well, at least I have a nifty Winter Gloves t-shirt now.


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