Review- “Do you have a flag?” EP- The Passengers

The Passengers love you. That is what they have always said and what they always will say. Where is the proof that they love you as much as they say they do? Well, that is in their EP “Do you have a flag?” which is an absolutely beautiful five-track disc.

Their songs, which mostly cover the complex emotion of human love, appeal to the heart in an indescribable way. The lyrics are completely honest and true, and they manage to achieve this without the use of clichéed lyrics. Indeed, many of the lyrics are powerful metaphor, such as “And one day I will grow into a house/ A house for you to live” from their song “In the Queue”.

As for the music, even though the band uses the essentials of music- guitars, bass and drums- they manage to come out with a unique sound. After listening to their songs, one would probably be able to pick out a Passengers song without even hearing any lyrics. My favourite musical interlude is probably the beginning of their song “Garden City” which I am convinced was inspired by Radiohead in a way.

The other huge charm that this band has is the voice of their talented lead singer, Jonny Mark. His voice is what adds that touch of blatant honesty to their music, and his voice is complemented by the other guitarist in the band, Daniel Halyburton.

When one can find nothing wrong with an offering, the only logical choice is to give it a perfect score. I can’t help but feel that this EP is only the beginning of what the Passengers have to offer the world. Were they to release an album I would be in the record store on opening day. No doubt about it.

Top Tracks: Garden City, Asleepwalker

4 Hoots

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