Review- “Stop Drop N Skank” EP- Stop Drop N Skank

Stop Drop N Skank EP CoverThe first time I was ever introduced to ska music it was when I was listening to Stop Drop N Skank.

Stop Drop N Skank have already been a while, and it was only last year that they released their self-titled EP. And I have to say it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to.

Every song is memorable in its own way, from the open love-letter song “James Dean” to the frenzied “Ritalin Rock” to the horns of “Hungover.” These guys do not hold anything back when they perform, and it really shows in some of the lyrics.

Their lyrics are actually an entirely different story. If you get offended by swearing easily, this may not be the album for you. For example, at the beginning of James Dean you will hear a blatant “STOP DROP N SKANK MOTHERFUCKERS!” Nice to see they have spirit but the swearing isn’t exactly neccessary.

Now don’t mistake me for a prude- there’s nothing wrong with swearing but they do it a little in excess. But their music is absolutely fantastic. I love the guitar sound in “Screen From the Sun” and the horn players are fantastic. Even though the horn players on the EP have since left the band, the new horn players are just as good.

My favourite song on the EP was probably “Hungover” which describes, well, a hangover. But it is the happiest hangover song you will ever hear, guaranteed.

While I absolutely love the song “Ritalin Rock” I am a little uneasy by the constant mentions of ADD. Not entirely sure that’s great subject matter for a song, but unfortunately it’s very catchy and you’ll find yourself singing “I can’t help it what the fuck is wrong with me.”

While not on the EP, these guys do an amazing ska cover of the Arthur theme song. That’s right. If you go and see a show of theirs you might get to see it.

Top Tracks: James Dean, Hungover

3 Hoots

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