Review- “About a Girl”- Winter Gloves

As a general rule, don’t be alarmed if I review an album that’s a few years old, or god forbid anything that didn’t come out this year. As this blog’s focus was just recently bestowed upon itself I’m not even close to keeping up with the current Canadian indie scene. For now, I’ll review the fantastic full-length album brough to you by the Winter Gloves (it came out in September of 2008, by the way)!

I’m going to have to be very careful with this review. If I start into the praises I think I’m going to start gushing like the fanboy that I am.

The Winter Gloves are probably one of my favourite Canadian indie bands right now, tied with Beast. Their debut album, “About a Girl” came about after their successful “Let Me Drive” EP and “About a Girl” does NOT disappoint in any way.

This album is a rarity to me- every single song on that album became memorable the first time I heard it. That’s right. Whether it’s the insane organ of “Let Me Drive” or the passionate “Glass Paperweight” (which my username came from) this album is full of goodness.

The album begins with “Factories” which introduces the idea which becomes apparent to you sooner or later- this will make you dance. It is catchy in that it is upbeat and has some awesome “oh oh” ‘s courtesy of the Winter Gloves’ very talented singer Charles F.

“Let Me Drive” is next and if you can only listen to two songs of the album, listen to this one. Even the most severe, serious person you know will not be able to resist moving to this one.

The other absolute standout is “Glass Paperweight”, which is by far the slowest yet most powerful song on the album. You immediately get a taste of its strength with its opening lines: “Do you know how far/You could push your selfish games/I don’t feel cheap to say/I’m not going anywhere with you.”

The album ends with a combination of sorts. While “Way to Celebrate” and “Piano 4 Hands” are technically two seperate songs, the former leads into the latter. “Piano 4 Hands” slows down a little, and it should since you’ll probably begin to get dizzy if you dance much longer.

The Winter Gloves are similar in ways to a band they have performed with before, Tokyo Police Club. They are similar in that both feature songs that are on average between 2.5 and 3 minutes. Winter Gloves has turned the 2.5-minute song into an art form. At the end of each song, you feel like you want more.

The entire album clocks in at 30 minutes, but it is a 30 minutes full of pure bliss. Highly, highly reccomended.

Top Tracks: All of them!

4 Hoots + *swoop*

If you’ve heard the song “Factories” before then you’ll get a kick out of this stripped-down, acoustic version:


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